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Photographers make prints differently. Some print their negatives straight or with very minimal manipulation. Others almost disdain the straight print and employ copious dodging and burning for every negative. (Neither approach equals “good.” It’s personal choice - not a moral issue.)


Over the years I’ve met workers in the latter category who’d like an organized method of tracking intricate print manipulation. For keeping track of things while they’re working, or to refer to when reprinting an older negative: clear, easy-to-follow notes. It’s always best to minimize time for “left brained” tasks like recordkeeping. That maximizes time for the creative stuff.


These Print Records have thumbnail boxes measuring 1-5/8” x 1-3/16” – big enough to easily diagram printing maneuvers, and small enough to fit 8 on one page. The boxes have a bold outline so you can easily see them in a dim darkroom, with ample room for notes beneath each box. You can use straight lines to indicate “burning” – additional local exposure; and dots or small circles for “dodging” – holding back exposure.


On the left side is a large “legal” margin where you track which negative you’re printing, the enlarger height, contrast, developer, etc. If you lightly pencil the date on the back of each final print you make, and you can easily find the record sheet for it later.


These record sheets save a lot of time and especially money. If you waste 3 sheets of Multigrade paper because you forgot a step, that’s five dollars


Records are printed on heavy 70 pound bond paper and 3 hole punched for easy organizing in a binder. 8-1/2 x 11.”


$12 per 25 sheets.

Printing Records

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