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For 4x5 monorail and 5x7 field camera users, the Indestro Camera Case is rugged, thoroughly functional, and above all, versatile.


This is our most adaptable camera case. It holds most 4x5 monorail view cameras with 19” or shorter rails and all 5x7 field cameras. My Linhof Color Kardan monorail is pretty big and paunchy, but this case accommodates it easily – even with a 210 lens attached (see illustration). The case holds all folding 5x7 field cameras: Canham, Chamonix, Deardorff, Shen Hao, Tachihara, etc. Like all our other equipment cases, this case is white to keep your film and equipment cool, and fully padded to protect against knocks and temperature extremes. And also like our other cases, the Indestro incorporates a heavy duty zipper with 2 sliders and extra large pull tabs.


With 5 compartments, the camera section measures 6-1/4” x 8-1/4”, each side compartment measures 5-3/4” x 4-3/4. Since the case and compartments are soft-sided, there’s plenty of “give.” It easily accommodates everything you need. This case holds 14 holders (5x7 or 4x5), 2 lenses, a myriad of accessories, and meters. Or 21 holders, another lens and meter, exposure records, and a few small items like format viewers, lens paper, and cable releases. It’s very roomy, and I don’t jam mine full – there’s no need to. My 5’ x 6’ folded focusing cloth easily fits inside, on top of the equipment. There’s a zippered pocket on the inside top; generously sized handles, and a removable shoulder strap.


What’s nice about this case is that you can pack up everything you need into one case. I used to dislike needing to carry one case for the camera, and another for the holders while stuffing my pockets with another lens and a meter. With this I just grab the case and the tripod and I’m off. The case is soft so it doesn’t bang against your legs, and the top is designed to flip open and close easily.


When I’m working, I need to concentrate. I want all my energy to go toward what I’m photographing. Ideally I give no thought to anything but that. The last thing I want is to have to needlessly fuss with items knocking around in a makeshift bag – like holders rattling around and slides pulling out, lenses rolling around, or a cable release hidden where I can’t find it quickly.


Like our other cases, this case is made of Arco 600 which is tough, durable, and good looking. Arco 600 is highly water resistant, and wipes clean easily. The entire inside section is removable for brushing off, and there’s a sheet of polyfiber in the bottom so the case won’t “bow.”


The Indestro case does exactly what you need it to and nothing you don’t. In use, it keeps your head clear for what’s important – photographing.

”Indestro” Monorail and 5x7 Field Camera Case

Expected to ship in April
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